What’s For Dinner

Nikon D7500, 18-140mm@140mm, 1/640 sec, f 5.6, ISO 250

While out taking pictures in the woods behind our development, I heard two Barred Owls. I followed the sound and was able to see one fly away and the other head into a tree, although I did not know which one. While looking for the owl I saw it fly out out from a tree not more than 30 ft from me. I followed it to this tree, and I was able to get a few pictures of it. Other than the ghost image of a tree branch in the lower right this is one of the better pictures I was able to get. If you look close you can see its dinner (mouse I think) in its mouth. I only which I had taken a longer zoom lens with me.

Nikon D7500, 18.0-140.0mm, @62mm, 1/400 sec, f/5, ISO 320

Another Photo from the river behind where I live. Picture was taken in early January, but the dead leaves are still on the tree. They have a gold color which seems to brighten the scene. Other than the vine running down the center, which may draw the viewer up and out of the scene I am pleased with this composition.

Cat Tails

Cat Tails
Nikon D7500, 18-140mm Lens at 140mm1/800 Sec, f/5.6, Iso 320

I’m a little late posting anything, but still trying to get into a regular routine. For this picture I was out behind the development that I live in and was just snapping some picts. None of them were that great, but I decided to try some processing in Lightroom, after I watched a video. This is what I came out with. The image is cropped to a 4×5, exposure increased, and contrast. I also did some local adjustments on the forward cat tail. I was pleased with the outcome as the original was flat.

Something Different

Ricoh Diacord G, B&W Film

In the past few years I have acquired some old film cameras from relatives. Initially I was just going to try to sell them, but found that most of them were not that valuable. So recently, last 2-3 months, I’ve done some research into taking photos on film. One of the cameras that I had was a Ricoh Diacord G TLR and since it was a format that I was not used to I chose it to try first. The first roll of film was a learning experience, with both film and camera. While I had cleaned both sides of the lens, the pictures that came back were blurry and not very focused. I did some more research and found out that the area between the front and back optics also needed to be cleaned. After cleaning the lens again and reading the cameras manual, I had also made some errors in using the camera. The picture above is from the second roll that I took. Much of the problems I had from the first roll have vanished, and now I just have to work on composition and exposure.


Nikon D60, 35mm, f/5.6, 1/125

This was taken in 2017 while on a trip to Philadelphia with my sons Scout Troop. We were eating at Pat’s King of Steaks when I saw this bike, or what was left of a bike. Felt it was interesting that only the frame(skeleton) of the bike was left. And of course it was locked to the sign post. It reminded me of the animal skeletons you would see in desert scenes in movies.